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Discover how our Latch platform empowers biotech R&D across a spectrum of groundbreaking use-cases.

A comprehensive overview of the science being done on Latch today


Access an array of tools and pipelines integrate and analyze multiple types of -omics data for powerful discoveries

High-Content Imaging

Connect imaging instruments and high-content microscopy data natively

Cell-Based Assays

Access software tools to do ELISA, Flow Cytometry & Mass Spectometry

Spatial Biology

Perform pre-processing, analysis and interpretation of spatial data

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Access an array of tools to ingest and process all of your NGS data; analyze DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences

IND-Enabling Studies

Gain end-to-end provancance to validate the safety and efficacy of your drug candidate

Bulk RNA-Seq Analysis

Analyize RNA Sequencing data; run alignment, differential expression, pathway enrichment through a Latch Verified Workflow

Flow Cytometry

Use Flow Cytometry software tooling set to analyze and gate cells for diverse biological insights

Protein Structure Prediction

Run AlphaFold2, ColabFold, RFdiffusion, and RoseTTAFold at scale, predict protein structures from amino-acid sequences, visualize PDBs, and access on-demand GPU computation

As well as:

Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis








Protein Stability Prediction

Cell Segmentation

Methylation Sequencing

Microbiome Sequencing

16S Amplicon Sequencing

High-Content imaging


Immune Repertoire Sequencing

PacBio Sequencing

Oxford Nanopore Sequencing

Population Genetics


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