Quantitative PCR

Automate qPCR analysis with ease.


Easily go from qPCR machine readouts to publication-ready figures in minutes.


  • A fast and reproducible qPCR data analysis solution

  • Save scientists hours per week on manual data analysis

  • Visually create publication-ready graphs in minutes

  • Run statistical tests, fit curves, and transformations easily

How it works

Automatically combine plate maps and qPCR machine readouts into a single dataset ready for analysis.

Don’t waste time formatting raw data and copy-pasting between dozens of Excel sheets.

Run outlier detections, relative gene expression calculations, dose response curve fitting, and more in just a few clicks.

Use our pre-built data transformations to perform any statistical tests without code.

Turn data into stunning, interactive visualizations.

Select from multiple plot types. Hover on each point, and see the underlying data point with all columns

Want to re-order bar charts, or exclude certain data points in your plot? Visually edit what you want display. Filter, sort, slice and pivot the data with intuitive controls and save the results of your editing to manipulate what gets displayed on the plot.

Freely modify the underlying Python code, and save it for team-wide reusability.

Maximum flexibility to write your own data transformations in Python.

Scientists wasting time in Excel and GraphPad Prism?

Eliminate manual clicking and user error with an automated plotting solution for your lab.

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