Customization Services

Accelerate insights with implementations aligned to your R&D, delivered by LatchBio engineers.


A professional setup tailored to your experiments

We’ve interviewed hundreds of biotechnology companies. High throughput screening and -omics data workflows are forcing R&D teams to invest in custom data platform solutions.

In the past, biotechs built these platforms with teams of developers over multiple years of engineering. This equates to millions of dollars on undifferentiated heavy lifting to set up data pipelines, a massive opportunity cost of wasted time.

LatchBio is the data platform you wanted from day one. Leveraged by 70+ biotechs in cell, gene, and RNA therapy, we connect all your instruments, data, code and compute in a single workspace and make data easy for your wet <> dry lab teams to access and analyze.

Partner with our services team from the ground up, tailoring the platform to your R&D needs, and giving you the benefit of 10,000+ hours spent building Latch from day one.

Last July we had 4-5 validated targets our pipeline. In the year since [adopting Latch], we’ve increased that to 12-15 targets. The number of targets in our pipeline has tripled.”

- Jackson Brougher, Chief Scientific Officer, Doloromics

Professional Services Offerings

Scientific Mapping & Installation   (Estimated 30-40 hours)

A proven method to setup your R&D data platform in days, not months.

We’ve created and refined the LatchBio implementation process to meet the demands of 100+ biotechnology teams. You’ll get everything you need to be successful with Latch, in the fastest time possible.

1. Discover your needs

A professional setup tailored to your experiments. Our team will map your science and connect all of your experiments in a single workspace.

2. Create a data flow model

We’ll offer your team a data diagram to model your science today, pointing out inefficiencies and locations where data is not being tracked, secured, or traced.

LatchBechlingSyncLatchBaseSpaceImporterLatchDataLatchWorkflowsMachine Learning(Dagster, SQL)[Latch Data, 
Workflows, Pods]PodsNotebooksPlotsSequencerGoogle Drive 
+ Slides(Graphics,comments...)Customizabilityand data accessabilityML OpsComputation Team[Latch Automations]

3. Run an installation

Our team will connect all your instruments, data, code and compute in a single workspace with FASTER data practices (findable, accessible, standardized, transparent, easy to use, reproducible)...

4. Begin onboarding

Access data in a single pane of glass for wet and dry lab teams to ask questions, analyze data, and accelerate R&D decisions.

Infrastructure Mapping & Installation   (Estimated 30-40 hours)

A cloud infrastructure mapping focused on consolidating software & saving costs. Our team will map, migrate and connect all of your software, data, code, and compute into a single workspace.

Interoperate with your existing AWS, Azure, GCP, or other cloud. 99% of our clients have existing solutions in place. Our team handles the mapping, migration, and installation of all of your tools to ensure all your wet <> dry lab team’s workflows are streamlined.

Diagram showing that Benchling, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Google Sheets, etc. can be integrated or migrated to the Latch Software Platform

Pipeline Installations   (Estimated 3-5 hours)

We’ll help you upload existing pipelines.

You simply tell us the repository or pipeline code, we will run a quick installation in your account, and then hand off the code.

Onboarding and Training

Ongoing customer success and support for all your needs

Our team provides documentation and help articles for all products. We provide 9am - 9pm PST live support in Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

Lab stock photo

The people behind Latch and the responsiveness is awesome. I have been very impressed with how fast they respond to us. It feels like we’ve got this entire LatchBio team like at our fingertips to solve the problems we’re not equipped to solve. That definitely exceeded expectations.”

- Jonathan Hsu Chief Technical Officer, Gensaic

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