Simple, usage-based pricing.

Only pay for the resources you use.

Workflows incur costs based on runtime and resource usage.


Cost (Credits*)








24 GiB of VRAM and
9,216 CUDA cores



*1 Credit = $1


The Latch Verified Bulk RNA-Seq Workflow consists of 4 tasks with varying compute sizes per task. Running 8 samples (30x coverage, average ~1.2 GB file size) costs a total of 14.101 credits with a runtime of 18 minutes and 8.3 seconds on Latch.

Breakdown of each task cost:

  1. Formatting inputs (4 CPU Cores, 8 GiB RAM): 0.002 credits
  2. Trimgalore & Salmon (96 CPU Cores, 192 GiB RAM): 13.521 credits
    (this step consists of 8 subtasks for each sample run in parallel with an average cost of 1.690 credits)
  3. LeafCutter (32 CPU Cores, 128 GiB RAM): 0.376 credits
  4. Count Aggregation & MultiQC (32 CPU Cores, 128 GiB RAM): 0.202 credits

LatchBio offers you a pay-as-you-go approach, only charging for computation and storage on a per-resource basis. No subscriptions, licensing fees, or per-seat charges.

Pay for what you need, as you need it. Credits ($1 = 1 Credit, with discounts for enterprise customers) on the LatchBio platform never expire, and can be used across all product areas (Workflows, Pods, and Data Storage).

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