NGS Solutions Providers

Sell services, kits, and assays faster by giving your customers a world-class experience. 


A white-labeled data platform to help your clients analyze data from your custom kits, assays, or services. 

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  • Sell more kits, assays, and services

  • Focus on science and not cloud software glue

  • Reduce turnaround delays from 3 weeks to 15 minutes

  • Unlock new revenue channels from customers

Join leading biopharma companies who analyze their RNAseq data on Latch

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The ‘aha’ moment for us - was when all the biologists used it. They liked it, and since our customers are all biologists, we were confident this was going to solve our problems with data transfer and training.”

VP of Business Development @ AtlasXomics

How Latch Works For Solutions Providers

Offer customers a world-class data experience.

Develop tailored data analysis packages for customers

Create powerful analysis tools for your assay, kit, or service. Turn workflows (Nextflow, Snakemake, or Latch Python SDK supported) into simple UIs.

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Empower your customers to self-serve data insights with interactive reports, dashboards, and analysis apps.

Give customers a self-serve analysis portal

Create workspaces for customers to access, analyze and gain insights into the data you provide them.

Handoff white-labeled data and reports in minutes

Never struggle to send enormous zipped file of data over Gmail again. Collect results into a package that can be sent to customers and give them a single location to understand and achieve traceability into results.

What your customer sees:

  1. An invitation with a data analysis package after buying your kit, assay, or service.
  2. They click “access” and are given a white-labeled workspace to easily analyze data
  3. They can point, click, interact, and make discoveries without any hand-holding

Monitor and administer your customers’ billing, activity, and credit balances with ease

Easily monitor and manage the workflows, data, analysis to create a great customer experience and garner insights into usage.

Customers failing to analyze -omics data?

We work with over 70 biotechs. Omics data analysis bottlenecks lead to delays in re-purchasing kits & services. This slows down collaboration, and lowers revenue for your business

7-Day Free Trial

Access the leading data platform for biology.

  • A scoping call to map out your scientific workflows
  • Access a curated workspace customized to your assays and needs
  • Live 16/6 support with a Latch bioinformatics engineer
  • A hands-on onboarding session to train your team